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How a radical new teaching method could unleash a generation of Geniuses

Boys take to reading when it's on an iPad

Jacqui: in my experience teaching in the class and in observations in the schools I visit, reading on the iPad is a 'game changer' for all students, noticeably boys. Recently when I taught at Clevedon the teacher of the class (Rebecca) made the comment of how much more engaged and interested in reading the boys were, particularly ones who were not so interested before.

Not an article but this is sound clip Where Sir Ken Robinson talks about 'Teaching Creatively'

Jacqui: This is something that I talk about constantly in my workshops and with my 1-1 interactions with teachers. How can you deliver this lesson in a different way, what different tools can you or the students use. When I walk in a classroom and I see a lesson being delivered (taught) in a traditional way, I always think about how could that done in a more creative interesting way. Sometimes I blog about it (ICT teaching and Learning or e-Learning Classroom blog) Before you plan you lessons do you think about different ways it could be taken? Do you try new things? Do you allow your students to experiment with new methods? Do you allow them to come up with new ideas of how to work and let them develop their creativity?